Frequently Asked Questions

The Step-Clip is manufactured from the same polypropylene polymer as our decking products and both perform well under extreme temperatures. We have tested our Step-Clip fastening system in below freezing temps, as well as and temperatures above 100 degrees and it has performed as designed at both levels.

The cost of the Step-Clip is comparable to other hidden fastening systems on the market. This means you can install your decking quicker for the same price (and save on labor costs!)

Yes, the Step-Clip can be used for Starter boards and picture frame applications. Follow the installation instructions for guidance on utilizing the Step-Clip in these applications. For divider boards, color-matched capped composite deck screws are recommended.

Download Installation Instructions

Stair treads are recommended to be installed with our Fastenator Clips, the DuraLife Cortex plug system, or with color-matched capped composite deck screws.

There are actually two easy methods you may use to replace a damaged deck board with the Step-Clip system.

  1. If the deck is not pictured-framed or if you remove one of the picture-framed edge boards that run perpendicular to the main interior boards, you can simply slide the damaged board out lengthwise along the clips and snap a new board into the existing clips.
  2. If you prefer not to remove one of the picture-framed edge boards, you may rip the damaged board in half lengthwise with a circular saw (make sure the cut depth is no greater than the thickness of the deck board), pry the two sections of the damaged board out, and then snap the new deck board into the existing clips – View Instructions PDF.

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